#50 Word Story: Lashes.

#50 Word Story: Lashes.

She sighed as she used her credit card yet one more time.

She was seeing someone – she had to stay picture perfect.

Cursing her congenitally missing lashes, she paid a bomb at checkout. This was her life now, spending all her money on Lilly lashes.

50 Word Story: House-Plant

50 Word Story: House-Plant

She runs into her ex at the mall. She’s buying new luggage. It’s awkward but they say hi anyway.

“That’s some fancy stuff! Traveling somewhere?”

“We’re starting a travel blog!”

“So the workaholic finally got married to the house-plant, woo!”

He walks away, breaking her all over again.

30 Thoughts.

30 Thoughts.

1. This is turning into such a long summer.

2. And it also rains like crazy at times, what a bummer.

3. Raindrops on sunroofs look really cool.

4. I almost slipped while walking today, I’m such a fool.

5. Texting and texting back is so exhausting, I’m tired of people.

6. Also, why are these kids all over Tik Tok, is that even legal?

7. August is almost here, you guys, and I’ve done nothing with my life.

8. Hold that thought – I did cut my hand this morning while using the knife.

9. We don’t give patient people enough credit.

10. Also, people talk way too much crap on Reddit.

11. I’m upset that Indians traveling abroad are in the news for the wrong reasons.

12. There’s a viral video of people stealing things in Bali. It’s almost indecent.

13. Consumerism happens to be the bane of most people’s existence.

14. And I just realized that people only like to talk, they never listen.

15. Space is important. It doesn’t make a person snobbish or rude, in any way.

16. Why do workouts become addictive? I’m so hooked, I can’t miss a day.

17. Eating healthy actually makes you age slower, or maybe it’s a myth, maybe placebo, but I’m feeling it.

18. Have you guys seen Bakhar Nabieva? Her abs are lit.

19. My grandma used to say otherwise, but twitchy eyes are a result of inadequate sleep.

20. Your sanity is yours to keep.

21. It’s crazy how so many Indians can’t make proper tea.

22. Speaking of tea, there are so many variants of it, it’s fascinating.

23. I want to go to Florence, someday soon.

24. It would be cool to be someplace there and see the European moon.

25. Watermelon and vanilla ice cream make an excellent summer drink.

26. Are you guys into Little Mix? Those girls can sing.

27. Too many people are talking about Area 51, I wonder what’s really going on in there?

28. Ooh, ginger juice and castor oil mixed in together into a tonic is so good for your hair.

29. It’s crazy to me that the last time I was on a train, it was actually 2009.

30. Also, my blog is almost five. Can’t believe it’s still alive.

50 Word Story: Closure

50 Word Story: Closure

Locals found a body at the bottom of the creek on an unusually dull Autumn morning.

The young man had no ID, but he did have a note in his pocket, which read:

“I fell apart, you kept your composure. This was the only way I could give myself closure.”